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E-mail: info@nordictoydistribution.com

Telephone: +46 (40)367520, +46 (705)153104

We are distributors and also have our toy store that we are very proud of.

We are distributors for these brands

  • Gowi – This brand offers plastic toys with extraordinary quality. Buckets, toy sieves,  sand trowels watering cans and much more – all without sharp corners to hurt little hands. We are distributors for Gowi in Sweden and Norway.
  • Götz Puppenmanufaktur – Bring the latest in doll fashion manufactured to highest standards into the nursery since more than 60 years. The young shoppers appreciate the passion to fashion since we combine required quality with fashionable style. Top in doll fashion and craftsmenship assure long time play and creativity with a lot of accessories such as prams, doll furniture etc.                                                                        Experience though tradition and stylish innovation are Götz impuls. German design at its best borught by us to you in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  •  WOW – Toys that don’t break their promises! WOW Toys is specialising in cute, durable and battery-free toddler toys with a   great quality and a real long lasting play value that is not reliant on batteries. We are distributors for WOW in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.
  • Sigikid – First class for kids offers highest quality items for baby, for cuddling time and a wide range of up to date design accessories. The organic range in addition to mainstream high quality items creates a unique edge to Sigikid portfolio. We are distributors for Sigikid in Sweden and Norway.
  • Studio Buttonbag – The premier UK brand in creative play for many ages
  • Happy – The brand offers  fun, high-quality, safe and eco-friendly puzzles, toys, games and promotional gifts that are enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Equally important is the happiness factor in the toys and games. Learning and training the brain in a playful way! We are distributors for Happy in Norway.

About our toy shop – “Hörnan på Limhamn”

On leap day in 2004 we opened the doors to our toy shop on Geijersgatan 53 in Limhamn,Malmö. The building was for many residents of Malmö known as Greiffs paint store, a store with lots of color and inspiration. We are excited to bring that tradition but in the form of inspiration, development and much joy of play in our various corners. The shop is divided according to different themes where one can find toys, costume, crafts and other fun stuff that stimulate children’s development and role play.

In our webshop, we can not fully reproduce all the inspiration that we are able to deliver in our physical store, but we strive to have as large a range as possible available here in an appealing way. Since we are a completely independent business we are able to hand pick our range of suppliers both in Sweden and abroad. We have high standards for the quality of the products we sell, both in materials and in what way they were produced.

We deliver our products from our store at Limhamn in Malmö.

“Hörnan på Limhamn” is a subsidiary of SCD AB.

Our shop has relocated to being a on-line shop.